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Scorned lover sent explicit videos of his flight attendant mistress after being outed for cheating

A cheating husband who launched an extraordinary campaign of harassment against his flight attendant mistress has been jailed.  

Amandeep Singh, 36, was sentenced to 20 months in jail for sending explicit videos of his girlfriend to her family and posting them to Pornhub.

The father-of-two published intimate videos of her as retribution when the woman told his wife he was going to leave her.

The penalty is believed to be the harshest punishment on record for revenge porn in Western Australia, reported WA Today

He was condemned for the ‘vicious and humiliating act’ by Judge Mark Herron after appearing at the Perth District Court on Friday.  

Singh met his mistress on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Perth in 2016 while she was working as an air stewardess. 

They became romantically involved for about 18 months, meeting for regular encounters when she flew into Perth for work.

He failed to tell her he was married, but she found out when his wife contacted her on Instagram in February 2018. 

Singh lied to his wife and told her the relationship was over. 

But he continued see his mistress on the side and told her he was leaving his wife for her.

Eventually his wife discovered the pair were still dating after catching her husband on a video call with his girlfriend. 

The wife reached out again, and the flight attendant confirmed their relationship.

When Singh found out he began to harass the mistress, contacting her 181 times over the period of 24 hours. 

The abuse escalated over the course of two weeks, with Singh threatening to send videos of the pair having sex to his girlfriend’s conservative family in India.  

He also threatened to ‘ruin’ her and contacted Qatar Airlines complaining that she had been prostituting herself to passengers at work.  

When his mistress ignored his messages he sent a video of them having sex, and one of her giving him oral sex to her brother and father.   

He also uploaded the content to an online porn site with her name and address.    

He was arrested for using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence after Australian Federal Police Officers searched his home.

The father-of-two pleaded guilty to the offence earlier this month, reported the West. 

Since then his wife has begun divorce proceedings against him and he has been fired from his job as a security guard for Serco. 

Judge Mark Herron condemned Singh for his ‘vicious’ behaviour after jailing him for almost a year. 

‘He was being honest to neither, he lost control of the situation … blamed the victim and took it out on her … [he was] seeking to cause her hurt and humiliation,’ he said.

Singh will be eligible for parole after ten months.  

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