Scientists are crying tears of joy following two medicinal breakthroughs in breast and prostate cancer.


Scientists are crying tears of joy following two medicinal breakthroughs in breast and prostate cancer.

Two medical advances in breast and prostate cancer have scientists shedding tears of joy.

After the stunning success of Covid vaccines, which were produced in record time, we should no longer be surprised by our scientists’ brilliance.

You know an oncologist has discovered a terrific discovery when they cry tears of joy over the results of their most recent medication studies. Astra Zeneca scientists have developed a potential treatment for some patients with advanced, aggressive breast cancer, which is truly groundbreaking. Julia Bradbury, a TV presenter, recently revealed her own diagnosis of breast cancer, bringing the awful reality of this devastating disease home.

Meanwhile, scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London are close to finding a way to reduce the chance of death in men with advanced prostate cancer.

Progress against two of the most dangerous diseases is cause for joy, as cancer still accounts for more than a quarter of all deaths in the United Kingdom.

Both discoveries have the potential to change cancer treatment around the world.

Two more significant medical breakthroughs from a country with a long history of major medical breakthroughs.

That is why The Big Issue’s introduction 30 years ago was so essential in bringing attention to the issue, addressing negative assumptions of those unfortunate enough to find themselves on the streets, and providing a lasting foothold rather than a handout to homeless vendors.

So it’s concerning that the founder, Lord Bird, still believes little has changed after three decades.

The Covid crisis was necessary for everyone of Britain’s rough sleepers to find shelter, and the government may be credited with the “Everyone In” campaign and financial aid to landlords throughout the pandemic.

However, the Covid-induced moratorium on house repossessions has ended, and Lord Bird is concerned about a new wave of homelessness.

The government must end “no-fault” evictions and assist where possible. It is preferable to prevent rather than cure, and this is one issue that is not going away anytime soon.

It’s a cutting-edge strategy, but it’s not always the best. If Wayne Macarooney and his wife Coleen McLoughlin had mingled names, he might have been a Macarooney.

Mr. and Mrs. Weiscraig, the names of James Bond actor Daniel Craig and his actress wife Rachel, may make people laugh, but can Simon Silvercow win the X Factor by merging his names with his companion Lauren? We’re not sure.


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