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Schoolkids could avoid detention because of Covid-19 safety rules

KIDS could avoid detention because of Covid safety rules.

But parents risk getting more than a slap on the wrist by being fined if they refuse to send their children back to school.

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Ministers are gearing up their campaign to get all pupils back to the classroom full time next week.

But many schools may not be able to have detention or isolation rooms for misbehaving students because it would mix year groups.

One teacher said: “The message coming down from superiors is that, for some children, going back to school will be hard.

“This could have a knock-on effect on behaviour. Therefore, where possible, teachers need to show leniency. Social distancing rules also mean the idea of putting a child and teacher on their own for an hour in detention after school is a non-starter.

“It is one change pupils will be cheering about — but it may leave teachers pulling their hair out.”

Schools in England are under strict orders to put secondary school years into “bubbles” and not allow them to mingle with each other to reduce any risk of the spread of the virus.

But ministers are taking a tougher tone with parents. They insisted school will again be “compulsory” from next week — and parents who refuse to send kids back face £60 fines.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “In terms of fining, we would ask all schools to work with those parents to encourage them to bring their children back and deal with any concerns they may have.

“Fining would be very much the last resort — as it has always been.”

He also said schools would be placed in local lockdown again only as a final course of action.



Downing Street says the country’s improved testing regime means it is not a problem for millions of kids to head back to class.

And Boris Johnson reassured anxious parents it is safe in schools by insisting the risk is “very, very low”.

The PM, in a Twitter video, said transport is “no obstacle” as the Government is putting extra money into beefing up local services.

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