Scandalous! Nicola Sturgeon was in charge of the ‘controversial COVID-19 cover-up.’


Scandalous! Nicola Sturgeon was in charge of the ‘controversial COVID-19 cover-up.’

Nicola Sturgeon sought to “cover up” one of Scotland’s first large COVID-19 outbreaks, prompting calls for an investigation.

Ministers recorded less than 10 deaths during a Nike conference held in Edinburgh between February 25 and 27, 2020, which resulted in a total of 39 cases.

Former health secretary Jeane Freeman and deputy chief medical officer Gregor Smith, both of the SNP-led Scottish Government, backed full disclosure of the occurrence to Scots.

Nicola Sturgeon, on the other hand, disregarded Mr Smith and Ms Freeman’s advice and sided with Catherine Calderwood, the previous chief medical officer, who asked the Scottish First Minister to keep the epidemic secret due to patient confidentiality concerns.

A BBC Scotland broadcast later disclosed the full circumstances of the outbreak, which occurred in Edinburgh’s Hilton Carlton hotel.

On March 5, Ms. Sturgeon’s chief of staff, Liz Lloyd, said the outbreak was possibly “a legitimate public interest problem” in an email obtained through a Freedom of Information request.

Full disclosure, she told the Scottish First Minister, “may be reassuring information for the public concerning the increase in numbers.”

However, Ms Calderwood, who eventually resigned after disobeying her own COVID-19 guidelines, stated in a second email on March 6 that making the information public could jeopardize patient confidentiality and impede contact tracing attempts.

Opposition Politicians in Holyrood have now urged that the Scottish First Minister’s decision to ignore certain close advisers be investigated as part of a public inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic’s handling.

“Any public probe into these findings must be thoroughly scrutinized,” Jackie Baillie MSP, deputy leader of Scottish Labour, stated.

“While we knew Calderwood had advocated against disclosure on the basis of patient confidentiality, and the first minister concurred with her, it wasn’t clear until now that she did so against the advice of her own health secretary and senior adviser.”

The discoveries were branded as “scandalous” by Scottish Lib Dem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP.

“When the news of the Nike conference first came, the First Minister consistently denied that the government had remained silent about it,” he claimed.

“It appears that was a fabrication. Information that would have provided early warning and likely saved lives was purposefully concealed from the public.” “Nicola Sturgeon must urgently come clear on the scope of this cover-up,” said Scottish Conservative health spokeswoman Dr Sandesh Gulhane MSP.

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