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Savvy shopper creates rustic side table using two unlikely items from Kmart and IKEA.

An Australian woman has revealed how she created a rustic side table by combining two budget buys from Kmart and IKEA.

Marina, from Adelaide, was after a ‘slim side table’ as she only had a limited amount of space in her living room, but devised the perfect creative solution.

Using the $19.99 Gladom tray table from IKEA and the $18 embossed wooden serving board from Kmart, she made the perfect side table.

‘I just have the board resting on the top so that I can still use it as a tray, but you could also secure it with a screw from underneath,’ she said and posted a photo to a popular Facebook group.

Marina said the easy $38 DIY was ‘surprisingly sturdy’ even though she didn’t attach the serving board to the tray table.

The side table matched her living room décor perfectly and suited the other timber furniture and floorboards.

The Kmart serving tray is only available in one size and material, while the IKEA tray table is available in four colours including black, blue green and white.

Other social media users part of the online group were amazed at Marina’s clever idea and praised her online. 

‘What a great idea!! Looks very cool!’ one person said.

‘I have been wanting something just like this,’ another added. 

Last month another Australian sparked a new practical decor trend after creating an ‘instant coffee table’ using a cheap Kmart product.

Chloe, from Queensland, posted images to the Kmart Home Décor and Hacks Facebook group where she revealed she used a $10 wooden serving board with iron legs on the armrest of her couch.

Others swiftly caught on to the ‘clever’ idea and bought the product to use for themselves.

‘Although I have a coffee table, I wanted something I could sit my coffee on without having to get up all the time, especially on these cold mornings,’ she said.

‘$10 serving board from Kmart, re-drill the base to fit the arm of your couch and presto! A sturdy and stylish coffee holder.’

The serving board works well as a miniature coffee table due to the iron legs that keep it in place.

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