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Savvy mum creates fairy playhouse for £100

A mother-of-two has revealed how she created a stunning fairy playhouse in her garden – and all for just £100.

Danielle Paterson, 30, from Bedfordshire, decided to use her time during lockdown productively to transform her daughters’ playhouse into a gorgeous pink paradise.

The senior account manager’s husband Stuart bought the playhouse last year from the local garden centre, but the couple took the chance amid lockdown to personalise it.

‘During lockdown I found myself becoming increasingly stressed with housework,’ said Danielle, speaking to money-saving community ‘I’m a bit of a clean freak and trying to keep the house clean with two young kids constantly in the house is a bit like brushing your teeth whilst eating chocolate biscuits!

‘I decided to channel my energies into projects where I could see a quantifiable change. The first was the fairy playhouse and garden.’

Danielle says that while she’s had the idea in her head since last year, she has just never gotten round to it.

‘My husband bought my daughter the plain wooden house last year as a gift from her new little sister Darcy, in a bid to quell any sibling rivalries,’ she explained.

‘I loved it but wanted to make it really special for my girls. Poppy is very much in a fairy princess stage, so I decided to paint it pink and white.

‘I added details such as white frills to the arches by drawing round a vase. I then added lots of fairy lights and made her fairy garden using nine strips of artificial grass from Homebase, which cost £4.95 each.

Danielle also liked the idea of having a white picket fence, so she picked up two bits of fencing from Homebase for £6.99 each and spray painted them white.

‘She absolutely loves it, and I’ve still got more ideas,’ said the homeowner. ‘I bought some light-up cherry blossom trees from Aldi for £14.99 each and intend to decorate with toadstools and stumps soon to really give it a fairy feel.

‘The whole project took me two days, and cost me just under £100.’

Danielle was delighted with how the project turned out, and says it provided a great mental distraction during the lockdown.

‘It was really good for my mental health, because as much as I love my children, I, like a lot of other parents, was finding it a struggle during lockdown mentally,’ she explained.

‘These projects allowed me to have some time to myself – I stick a book in on Audible and just concentrate on the task at hand!’

Tom Church, co-founder of, commented: ‘Many of us buy plain furniture or garden accessories and live with them for years, secretly wishing we’d gone a bit wilder with our choice of colours or styles.

‘Danielle’s lockdown project proves that you can jazz up items in your home – whether small, like a chest of drawers, or large, like this massive playhouse – and save a fortune while doing so!

‘By using simple ingredients such as pink paint, fencing and artificial grass, her daughters’ playhouse has gone from a sweet but uninspiring garden hangout into an incredible space that will be the envy of all their friends!’

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