‘Sat on the throne,’ Prince Andrew invited Kevin Spacey and Ghislaine Maxwell to the palace.


‘Sat on the throne,’ Prince Andrew invited Kevin Spacey and Ghislaine Maxwell to the palace.

According to newly discovered accounts, Prince Andrew once invited Kevin Spacey and Ghislaine Maxwell to Buckingham Palace, where they allegedly sat on the thrones of the Queen and Prince Philip.

The Duke of York is embroiled in a civil legal battle in the United States with Viginia Roberts Giuffre, who is suing Andrew for allegedly sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager and a minor in several states.

Ms Giuffre claimed that she was trafficked to the Queen’s son by convicted sex offenders Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein when she was only 17 years old.

Andrew has flatly denied the allegations on several occasions.

The Duke has received a great deal of criticism for his friendship with former friends Epstein and Maxwell.

The Duke of York stepped down from all royal duties in 2019 after a car crash Newsnight interview in which he tried to distance himself from allegations leveled against him.

Six months later, photos of Mr. Spacey and Maxwell in the throne room of Buckingham Palace during a private visit in 2002 surfaced.

“They were larking around on the thrones, doing regal waves,” a source told The Daily Telegraph in 2020.

“Ghislaine pretended to be the Duke of Edinburgh while sitting on the Queen’s throne.”

“It’s unclear whether Prince Andrew was in the throne room at the time, but he was in charge of the visit.”

When contacted by the Press Association, Buckingham Palace declined to respond.

At the time, Prince Andrew’s spokesperson also declined to comment.

Maxwell was found guilty last week of recruiting underage girls for Epstein’s sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, Mr. Spacey, who was once one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, was accused of sexual misconduct on multiple occasions in 2017.

Mr. Spacey was accused in the 1980s of making unwanted sexual advances to a 14-year-old boy.

More sexual misconduct accusations have surfaced since then.

Mr. Spacey has categorically denied all allegations.

The actor paid a visit to Prince Andrew, according to Buckingham Palace.

“Buckingham Palace is home to a number of members of the Royal Family who, from time to time, host guests in a private capacity,” the Palace said in a statement.

“We will not comment on rumors about any private meeting between members of the Royal Family.”

Confidential legal documents this week.

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