Sarah Ferguson discusses her “huge cyclone” attitude and how “perfection” isn’t important.


Sarah Ferguson discusses her “huge cyclone” attitude and how “perfection” isn’t important.

SARAH FERGUSON has revealed that she no longer feels the need to “be perfect” as she embarks on her “new chapter.”

The 61-year-old Duchess of York believes she has “get out of my own way” and has come to terms with herself. Sarah’s debut novel, ‘Her Heart for a Compass,’ is set to be released on August 3 and is about her ancestor Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott.

The Duchess says she learned more about herself while researching her family history for her novel.

“It’s as though I’ve gotten out of my own way,” she explained. I’ve completely transformed into Sarah.

“The Duchess has arrived. Fergie, too, is present. Sarah, on the other hand, is truly present.

“While researching her, I learned more about my own DNA, and I discovered that I have the same resilience, tenacity, and sense of hope and optimism as her.

“I am a full-fledged Celtic redhead, which comes with a lot of zest for life, a lot of spontaneity, and also — you just keep fighting.”

The Duchess revealed to People magazine that she comes across as a “huge hurricane.”

“When you have a sense of humour and you’re a redhead, everyone thinks you’re a big hurricane,” she told the site.

“But you don’t have to be the storm all of the time.”

“I have to be conscious that attempting to be flawless is no longer essential, and that simply being Sarah is enough,” she said at the end of the conversation.

Princess Diana would have been “proud” of Prince William and Prince Harry, the Duchess said in her interview.

“She would be very proud of her sons and their wives,” she remarked.

“And, like me, she’d be enamored with her grandchildren. Because it was her passion.”

“We were great friends from when she was 14 and I was 15,” Sarah added, adding that Diana “adored” Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

Sarah signed a seven-book publication deal with Serenity Press in February 2020.

Serenity Publication publisher Karen McDermott remarked at the time, “We are happy to welcome the duchess to our press.”

“Her lovely books reflect our primary value of providing loving stories that inspire young brains.

“We can’t wait to get these books into the hands of readers.”


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