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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Series Has a Big Caveat If You Want to Take Advantage of the 120hz Display

The Galaxy S20 series was officially unveiled last night at Samsung’s Unpacked event, and even though the prospect of a 120Hz screen is great news for a lot of people, if you want to use it, there’s a catch.

All three Galaxy S20 devices have a 120Hz refresh rate, but you can only use it with the FHD+ resolution. If you’re cranking your resolution up to QHD+, the refresh rate will drop down to 60Hz. Why? Battery life, is why.

Changing the refresh rate to balance battery life isn’t unusual. Google did it with the Pixel 4 that boasted a 90Hz display, but when the brightness dropped to 75 per cent or lower, users were getting a sub-90Hz refresh rate. There was a workaround but it put a huge strain on the already struggling battery life.

Higher refresh rates drain the battery a lot quicker, and they’re generally pretty fluid to accommodate what you’re doing with your phone at any given time, so Samsung has clearly taken matters into its own hands to keep your phone alive and kicking for longer.

Samsung says that the default setting for all three devices is QHD+ at 30H, and if you bump it up to 120Hz, the phone will stay at that refresh rate without scaling back unnecessarily.

Everyone seems to be hopping on the 120Hz bandwagon this year, with the OnePlus 8 recently confirmed to be sporting a 120Hz display when it launches. In the meantime, you can pre-order the Galaxy S20 series now as well as the foldable Galaxy Z Flip which launches this Friday. [Trusted Reviews]

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