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Samsung Galaxy S20 Takes Better Night Mode Photos Than Galaxy S10

Smartphone makers, in recent times, were very busy overtaking each other in the mobile photography race. Various smartphone companies, including Samsung, Google, Apple and Huawei, have each released handsets that have the ability to take evening shots that are just as breathtaking as those taken during the day.

A new leak reveals that Samsung isn’t done with its photography game. According to leaked images posted by noted tipster and XDA Developers writer Max Weinbach, the upcoming Galaxy S20 series of handsets will feature an improved Night Mode as compared to the one on the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones.

Weinbach didn’t say anything about the images, except that they were taken using Galaxy S10 model and Galaxy S20 model devices. The images appear to have been taken at night near a residential area surrounded by trees and grass.

The images reveal that the Galaxy S20’s Night Mode is indeed steps ahead of the Galaxy S10’s in terms of image processing quality. The photos taken using the Galaxy feature greater detail, as evidenced by a few things including the color quality, the amount of detail captured, and the overall image quality.

First, two images showing the same grassy area near some trees revealed that Night Mode on the Galaxy S20 was able to differentiate between varying grass colors (some green, some yellow, some brown). It was also capable of capturing grass and tree leaf textures, not lumping each blade together as if they were just one piece.

Second, two images, showing a grass leading to a view of the houses in the residential area, also reveals the Galaxy S20 Night Mode’s capability to capture images under lighting (exposure) accurately. For example, window sashes weren’t visible in the image taken using the Galaxy S10, but they were very visible in the image captured using the Galaxy S20. There’s a huge difference in the little details.

The Galaxy S20 also captures more accurate white balancing compared to the Galaxy S10, Android Central noted. White fences and walls looked whiter on the photos taken using the Galaxy S20 as compared to the ones taken using the Galaxy S10.

Samsung is expected to unveil the new Galaxy S20 lineup later during the Unpacked event. Stay tuned for more information as they come.

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