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Sam Faiers admits fancying ‘hunk’ Paul more since he lost two stone – but baby Paul, four, still sleeps in their bed

SAM Faiers has admitted she fancies her “hunky” boyfriend Paul Knightly more since he lost two stone – but their four-year-old son is still sleeping in their bed.

The 29-year-old told OK! Magazine she can’t keep her eyes – or hands – off her other half after he transformed his body in lockdown.

She said: “He keeps walking around topless in his gym shorts and I keep catching a look of him and I say, ‘Look at you, you hunk’.”

Paul joked: “She’s all over me like a rash [laughs]. I have to take my top off as it gets soaked in sweat, and I’ll literally see her just following me.”

But when it comes to having quality time as a couple at night, Sam admits it’s still tricky with two young kids.

The loved-up pair, who have been dating since 2014, have not shared a bed alone since Paul was born four years ago – despite his younger sister Rosie sleeping on her own.

She said: “Rosie has pretty much always been in her own bed, but little Paul has always slept with us.”

Paul explained: “For the first few nights when we moved here he went into his own bedroom, but he’s slowly crept back in.

“He’s got a bunk bed with a slide on it and he said, ‘If you sleep up there, then I’ll sleep in my bed.’

“It’s not going to be the most comfortable night’s sleep, but I’m going to try to get him in his bed.”

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