Sajid Javid, the UK’s Home Secretary, has issued a lockdown warning, warning that the country may face yet another shutdown.


Sajid Javid, the UK’s Home Secretary, has issued a lockdown warning, warning that the country could face yet another shutdown.

Sajid Javid has warned that the UK risks being plunged into another Covid lockdown if costly and complex travel rules are scrapped.

According to The Sun, the Health Secretary warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson before holiday checks were eased this week, but he was overruled.

Because the rapidly-spreading Omicron variant of Covid is now so widespread, travelers were given a welcome boost this week when it was announced that pore-departure and PCR tests will no longer be required for arrivals into the UK.

On Wednesday, Covid O, a cabinet subcommittee, approved the major changes.

Because Omicron is a much milder variant and Britain’s booster program has continued to succeed, deaths and intensive care patients have remained low.

Mr Javid, on the other hand, is said to be opposed to loosening travel restrictions because he fears it will impede the country’s ability to detect new variants.

“Sajid was very dissatisfied with the decision to eliminate the requirement for PCR tests,” a government source told The Times.

“They are critical in spotting new variants sooner, he claims,” he says.

“He claimed that scrapping them puts the entire economy at risk.”

“However, he was defeated in the debate.”

“We have a decision, and he’s fully behind it,” a Health Secretary ally said.

Covid cases have been hovering just below 200,000 per day, thanks to Omicron’s rapid spread.

Mr Johnson, on the other hand, has ruled out a return to full lockdown, saying in a press conference earlier this week that he won’t “shut down our country again.”

He wants to bring Britain “much closer to normality” as a result of the country’s successful vaccine rollout and evidence that Omicron is a much milder variant.

When the current Plan B measures are reviewed at the end of this month, the UK government is reportedly becoming more optimistic about scrapping them.

According to a senior government source, the Cabinet is in favor of reducing restrictions, with the exception of Mr Javid, who is a “lone voice” opposed.

“It’s understandable that he holds that viewpoint given the constant barrage of hospitals and medics directed at him,” they said.

“However, no one else wants them to be extended as long as the data is in our favor.”

Despite the fact that there are around 200 additional measures, business minister Paul Scully insisted the government “doesn’t see the need.”

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