Sajid Javid is “proud” of the United Kingdom’s booster rollout.


Sajid Javid is “proud of the booster rollout in the United Kingdom.”

Sajid Javid claimed yesterday that the UK has delivered over 15 million booster vaccines and that the rollout is going well.

The vaccination campaign, including boosters, is something the UK can be proud of, according to the Health Secretary.

“We should not talk down our world successful program,” Mr Javid said, responding to opposition claims that the rollout had stalled. “And when it comes to booster vaccines, we have delivered vaccines to 26 percent of the population over the age of 12 across the UK.”

He spoke out after new data released yesterday showed that third doses of the vaccine have already helped to boost Covid antibody levels in the older age groups.

In the week leading up to November 7, 95.8% of over-80s in England were likely to have tested positive for antibodies, up from 87.9% a month earlier, with 75 to 79-year-olds seeing an increase from 86.9% to 95.8%.

Antibodies to Covid suggest that people are better able to fight the virus.

However, for the first time in eight months, the number of coronavirus-related weekly deaths in England and Wales surpassed 1,000, reaching 1,020.

The figure is up 3% from the previous week’s figure of 995 deaths.

According to the latest Covid data, 42,484 new infections were reported yesterday, with 165 deaths.


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