Sadiq, get up! The London Mayor’s strategy to combat the rise in violent crime is shattered by a police chief.


Sadiq, get up! The London Mayor’s strategy to combat the rise in violent crime is shattered by a police chief.

SADIQ KHAN’S proposal to put more police officers on the streets to prevent London from creating unwelcome history as a result of a spike in violent crime has been brutally dismantled.

The Metropolitan Police has warned that if juvenile violence continues at its current rate, London will have its worst year for teen killings in more than a decade, adding to the pressure on Mayor Sadiq Khan to act soon. Knife and gun violence, according to the UK’s largest police agency, might result in the highest number of homicides among young people since 2008, when 28 young people were slain. The Metropolitan Police Service claimed at the time that at least 17 teens had been killed in London so far this year, despite major violent crimes reducing by 22% and the overall murder rate lowering over the previous year.

Mayor Sadiq Khan is under increasing pressure to act rapidly to combat rising violent crime, and he declared last month that Londoners will witness increased police presence this summer across the capital.

Ken Marsh, Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, the staff organisation to which every constable, sergeant, inspector, and chief inspector in the Met — a total of over 30,000 officers – belongs, has shattered that plan.

He has warned that no more cops can be put onto London’s streets because many forces are still severely reduced as a result of Covid’s illness and isolation.

“All Metropolitan Police officers want to do is do a decent job,” Mr Marsh told this website, “but they are now working in a perfect storm.”

“With a crew that is still decimated owing to Covid disease and isolation, they are doing their best to police streets that are getting busier than ever as we return to, if not exceed, pre-pandemic crime levels.

“A colleague recently informed me that he had sent 20 officers to Covid.

“This puts a lot of pressure on the rest of my coworkers, who were already overworked before the pandemic.”

“The Government and Mayor of London will make out that we have hundreds of thousands of ‘extra’ bobbies that can be brought out whenever the going gets tough, but we don’t,” the Met Police Federation Chairman said.

“It’s the same officers, fighting harder than ever against an ever-increasing threat.”


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