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Sacked McDonalds CEO slammed for wooing PR executive on his company’s private jet

THE British ex-boss of McDonald’s has been branded disgusting for seducing a PR executive with trips on his company’s private jet.

Steve Easterbrook, 53, wooed mum-of-two Denise Paleothodoros as her 15-year marriage was ending.

However, her ex-hubby Nick, 47, is furious at Easterbrook’s behaviour.

He told The Sun on Sunday: “I think he’s a disgusting human being.

“He loves to play the big man. But he’s shallow and contemptible.”

Restaurant-owner Nick, who lives close to his ex-wife just outside Chicago, said he once saw Easterbrook, at a baseball game.

He added: “He held out his hand like he wanted to be friends. I told him to go screw himself.”

Watford-born Easterbrook had a four-year romance with Denise, 48, from 2014 — often taking her on the company jet.

He was fired in November after admitting breaking the fast food giant’s code of conduct by sexting a co-worker.

He was given a £30million pay-off at the time.

But McDonald’s is trying to recover the money, accusing him of hiding romances with three other co-workers and sending nude photos of them from his work email.

His lawyer called the claims “meritless and misleading”.

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