‘Sack the lot,’ Patel said, urging the government to intervene in the planned Channel strike, which he called a “Border Farce.”


‘Sack the lot,’ Patel said, urging the government to intervene in the plans for a Channel strike, which he called a “Border Farce.”

Border Force officials have urged PRITI PATEL to act on plans for a Channel strike, dubbed “Border Farce.”

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which represents border and immigration officials, has expressed displeasure with the Home Secretary’s suggestion that migrants attempting to cross the Channel from France be turned back rather than brought to UK shores. Mark Serwotka, the PCS’s General Secretary, has suggested a strike, saying, “We will not rule out industrial action to prevent it [the “turn back” policy]being carried out.”

The suggestion of strike action drew a flurry of responses from readers of this website.

Many people said they’d rather have border officials fired and replaced than have the Home Secretary cave in to their threats.

“If they don’t like it, find another job,” sunnybnk wrote.

“Sack the entire fairies and bring in the Army!” wrote Falcon Scott, who shared this sentiment.

“The Border Force is not in charge of this country,” Dando added.

“They should either follow orders or be replaced by ex-military who will do the job better.”

Dennise D suggested that the name “Border Force” be replaced with “Border Farce” because it doesn’t do the group justice.

Ms Patel stated at the Conservative Party Conference last year that the government would step up efforts to “turn back the boats.”

The European Union denies that crown stamps on pint glasses in the United Kingdom are prohibited.

“France is a safe country, free of war or conflict,” she said.

“There is no reason for any asylum seeker to travel directly from France to the United Kingdom.”

She went on to say that the government was in talks with border officials “to deliver operational solutions, including new sea tactics that we are working to implement in order to turn back the boats.”

The PCS and the refugee charity Care4Calais have now filed a lawsuit against the Home Office for its policy.

“The legality of the pushbacks policy is in serious doubt, and it is right that the court decides whether turning back Channel boats is illegal,” Mr Serwotka said.

“We can’t have a situation where our members face civil and criminal penalties for enacting a policy they don’t agree with and know isn’t safe.”

If this legal action fails, strike action has been threatened.

Many people believe the PCS’s attempt to block the policy is completely unjustified.


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