Ryanair informs passengers they won’t be able to fly unless they return the money they were reimbursed.


Ryanair informs passengers they won’t be able to fly unless they return the money they were reimbursed.

According to an inquiry, Ryanair advised holidaymakers who booked flights for this year that they would only be allowed to fly if they returned the reimbursements they were given.

According to an inquiry, Ryanair has barred certain consumers from receiving flight refunds unless they return the money to the firm.

The Sun reports that the low-cost airline has prohibited certain travellers who obtained reimbursements for flights affected by Covid, according to MoneySavingExpert (MSE).

Three consumers informed MSE they wouldn’t be able to fly until they paid back the money, with one being notified just days before their flight.

Customers got their reimbursements through their credit card companies via the “chargeback” mechanism, which kicks in when you don’t get the products or services you paid for, or if you’re rejected a refund, as Ryanair did.

Some passengers claimed that when they were approached by the airline’s fraud department concerning their refunds, they were made to feel uneasy.

Many airlines have been chastised for processing reimbursements slowly or not at all during last year’s lockdown, when the bulk of flights were cancelled.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently concluded that Ryanair and British Airways would not be required to compensate passengers who had booked shutdown flights.

The three passengers MSE spoke to had booked flights for summer 2020 but opted not to fly due to government warnings about non-essential travel, each of whom requested a refund from Ryanair but was denied.

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They then went to their credit card company, American Express, and asked for a refund through the chargeback purchase protection plan, despite the budget airline opposing one of the claims.

Everything seemed great when passengers tried to buy flights for this summer until they tried to check-in or change their booking, at which point Ryanair demanded the chargeback money first.

If clients did not want to reimburse the chargeback money, the airline offered to refund the money for flights in 2021, but one traveler stood to lose hundreds in hotel, vehicle rental, and Covid tests if his trip was cancelled.

“Traveling with Covid limitations is difficult, but this completely unexpected payment demand pushed tension to a whole new level,” one concerned passenger remarked.

“Ryanair took a new travel booking and surprised me when I arrived,” says Brinkwire.


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