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Ruth Langsford reveals she uses hair extensions to thicken her hair because h

Ruth Langsford has revealed in an honest Instagram post that she uses extensions to keep her blonde locks looking full after the menopause.  

The TV presenter, 59, admitted that menopause had thinned her layered bob, and that her Surrey-based hairdresser uses extensions to keep her mane thick and bouncy.

She first shared a post on her Instagram story, which showed her sporting an unusually long do, with locks of blond hair flowing down her shoulders. Calling herself Rapunzel, Ruth joked in the caption: ‘long hair don’t care.’

Shortly after sharing the post with her 751,000 followers, Ruth uploaded a short video where she explained that the long locks were a result of extensions, which her stylist then cut short. 

‘So you saw me just a minute ago with long long hair but I don’t have long hair. This is purely for thickness,’ she explained.  

Her hairdresser revealed he had used ten tapes of extensions, which would last ten weeks, to boost Ruth’s hairdo. 

‘I like it because it does feel thicker,’ Ruth said. ‘My hair has gone a bit thin with the menopause – the lovely old menopause.’

The presenter has always been open about the issues she’s come up against while going through the menopause. 

She first mentioned that her hair was thinning on the set of This Morning, which she presents on Fridays with her husband  Eamon Holmes, in 2018. 

She said: ‘I want my hair not to be thin, it happens doesn’t it? We’re getting older.’ 

In April 2019, the presenter also revealed that the hormonal shift has left her feeling like ‘an angry old woman’. 

‘I fight over very simple thing, and not always people, it can be inanimate objects in the house, or I bang myself or drop something and it’s like a red rage – the language that comes out,’ she told Woman magazine. 

‘She also admitted to feeling ‘fed up’ with struggling to lose weight, after creeping up from being a size 12 all her life to finding a size 14 too snug

The broadcaster, who exercises and eats healthily, said that she told herself to just accept being a size 14, but wasn’t happy when her clothing started to feel tight.

The star, who famously lost weight during her 2017 appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, added that while she doesn’t obsess about her size, she feels uncomfortable because she’s ‘squashed into her clothes’.


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