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Russia’s coronavirus vaccine in chaos as top doc QUITS claiming untested treatment is a ‘gross ethical violation’

RUSSIA’S top respiratory doctor has quit over “gross violations” against ethics linked to Putin’s new coronavirus vaccine.

Alexander Chuchalin resigned after criticising the new untested Sputnik V drug being rolled out.

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Chuchalin sought and failed to block the registration of the vaccine on “safety” grounds before quitting the ethics council.

Dr Chuchalin named and attacked Prof Alexander Gintsburg, director of the Gamaleya Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology, and Prof Sergey Borisevich, a medical colonel and Russian army’s top virologist, who were the leading scientists behind the new vaccine.

The top doctor specifically accused the two leading medics involved in its development of flouting medical ethics in rushing the vaccine into production.

He asked them: “Have you passed all the necessary paths approved by Russian Federation legislation and the international scientific community? No!

“This job has not been done.

“Thus, one of the ethical principles of medicine has been grossly violated – to do no harm.”

He stressed: “I am depressed by the position of some of our scientists who make irresponsible statements about ready-made vaccines.”

On August 11 Putin claimed that Russia created the world’s first coronavirus vaccine and that his own daughter has already been given it.

The jab is still in the final stages of trials to test whether it is effective and safe, but the announcement could be a step towards rolling out a mass vaccination program.

The country’s health ministry says the jab – named Sputnik V after the Russian crafts launched during the Space Race – will provide immunity for two years.

Dr Chuchalin is also concerned about the use of serving military personnel as test subjects of the vaccine.

“We cannot conduct experiments on humans. This is a gross violation of the international Nuremberg Code.”

He warned: “We are just making fools of ourselves with this early vaccine that can bring us a lot of trouble.”

The makers of the vaccine insist all those taking part in tests were volunteers, including troops serving in the army.

The chief executive of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev hit out at attacks on the new vaccine.

“Attacks are coming only from the West, the US and Europe,” he said.

“We are confident that we have the most effective and reliable vaccine in the world, and I am ready to clarify that.

“Accordingly, we are under attack because our rivals understand it perfectly well and they are fearful of Russia’s strong position on the global vaccine market.”

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