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Russian girl, 13, who claims 10-year-old boy got her pregnant leaves hospital with new baby daughter Emelia

A 14-YEAR-OLD Russian who claimed she became pregnant with a boy aged 11 has posted pictures of her leaving hospital with her new baby daughter.

Darya Sudnishnikova, 14, became famous after insisting that she was made pregnant when she was 13 by her boyfriend Ivan, who was 10 at the time.

The boy was with her as she departed a clinic in Krasnoyarsk with baby Emelia, who weighed in at 8lbs and measured 21 inches.

The couple smiled at the hospital door flanked by their mothers.

Darya said that in keeping with Russian tradition, she will not show the baby’s face until she is 40 days old. 

In recent postings, Darya has told her almost 400,000 followers about the painful contractions and birth. 

When Emilia finally appeared she said “my head was dizzy – and then they put the baby on my tummy. And then I passed out. I fainted.”

“I didn’t imagine giving birth would be like that,” she said.

“I thought it would be much more painful, but only the contractions are painful. But for the sake of such happiness, it’s worth enduring all this pain.”

Darya has become a social media sensation after detailing the trials and tribulations of her pregnancy. 

This followed a nationwide TV appearance when she insisted Ivan was the father after they had slept together. 

But later after experts saying her pregnancy with the boy was impossible she confessed that she had been raped  in her hometown Zheleznogorsk by a boy aged 16.

She said Ivan was the father because she was too embarrassed to admit to the rape, she said. 

Police are investigating the case and it is believed they have taken a DNA sample from the newborn girl. 

Ivan was not allowed to be present with her at the birth due to his young age.

Before giving birth she posted: “He does not live with me, he stays overnight sometimes. 

“At 16, he will take over the fatherhood, but it depends on how everything goes on between us.

She also told how she is happy to be slim again and can lie on her front.

“I see myself in a mirror and can’t stop adoring:  I’m so slim!”

Darya plans to take leave from school to care for her new child and her mother Elena Sudnishnikova, 35, will act as guardian.

The young influencer recently revealed she was ordered to remove a post about the alleged sex attack. 

“I wrote a post about the real father, but I had to delete it due to the fact that now there is a investigation,” she said.

“I am forbidden to divulge the information of the investigation.”

Ivan’s mother Galina Fyodorova, 28, said when Darya first claimed her son made her pregnant after the pair locked themselves in a bedroom.

“I believe my son that he is the father. I understand that he himself maybe doesn’t realise what happened,” she said.

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