‘Rotting from the top!’ says the narrator. As the French election approaches, Emmanuel Macron’s “falsehoods” are being slammed.


‘Rotting from the top!’ says the narrator. As the French election approaches, Emmanuel Macron’s “falsehoods” are being slammed.

EMMANUEL MACRON has come under fire for his televised statement on Tuesday, in which he stated that many French citizens will soon need a third COVID-19 vaccination booster shot in order to use their health card.

Mr Macron cautioned that the coronavirus pandemic was in its fifth wave, citing rising case counts in France and cautioning viewers that the “pandemic is not done” in his speech. “To those who have not yet been vaccinated: be vaccinated,” he said, urging people to get vaccinated. To protect yourself, get vaccinated. To live normally, be vaccinated.” Because of France’s health pass system, proof of immunity is necessary to get admission to commonplace services and public spaces such as gyms, restaurants, pubs, and libraries.

It indicates that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recently recovered from the disease, or has recently had a coronavirus test that came back negative.

In France, a third COVID-19 booster vaccine is now available for persons over 65 years old or with underlying medical disorders that make them vulnerable to COVID-19.

Mr Macron stated in his address that those aged 50 and up will be eligible for this booster beginning next month, and that those who are presently eligible will be need to produce proof of booster receipt in order to keep their health pass valid.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the presidential candidate for the Debout la France party, which he formed in 1999, reacted to the news by criticizing Mr Macron’s use of social media.

He called the President’s speech “a web of lies in all areas” on Twitter.

“The Health Pass as a panacea, global vaccination to get out of it, France “in the forefront” in treatment research,” he wrote. Who can believe a President who is a serial liar and a complete moron?” Macron, he continued, “shows his terrible dissociation with reality,” and he railed against the Health Pass’s imposition of a third dose on the over-50s and its condition.

“Macron preaches about freedom, but he enslaves the French: the health pass trap is closing in on the vaccinated… if they refuse a third, fourth injection, it will be deactivated!” he said on Twitter. Never-ending!” Mr Macron was chastised by Bastien Lachaud, a member of La France Insoumise, who said that Mr Macron’s. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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