Ross mocked Sturgeon during a scathing critique of the Green Party’s “recycled” speech, calling it “a joke.”


Ross mocked Sturgeon during a scathing critique of the Green Party’s “recycled” speech, calling it “a joke.”

Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservative leader, slammed Nicola Sturgeon during her Holyrood address on the new Green Party power-sharing arrangement, mocking the “recycled” speech that attempted to deflect attention away from suspicions of a Green coalition.

Nicola Sturgeon and the Green Party have reached an agreement on a new power-sharing accord in which Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, the Green Party’s co-leaders, will be appointed as junior ministers with access to Scottish cabinet meetings. While Ms Sturgeon has underlined that the agreement is not a coalition and that the two parties continue to fundamentally differ on many matters, political opponents have accused the SNP of using it as a pretext to push Scottish independence through. During a Holyrood session where the Green appointment was being voted on, Douglas Ross took advantage of the chance to criticize Ms Sturgeon’s “recycled” speech in a sharp rebuke.

The new deal between the Greens and the SNP falls short of forming a formal coalition, but it will allow Green lawmakers to serve in high government positions for the first time in the party’s history.

Two Green MSPs will be nominated as junior ministers, with the Green co-leaders having twice-yearly cabinet meetings.

The SNP came one seat short of an overall majority in the May elections, leaving them with the option of creating another minority government with the backing of the Greens.

The SNP and the Greens have frequently found common ground on policy issues, and the two parties have previously worked together informally to pass legislation, but this pact formalizes the relationship.

Mr Ross blasted the deal at Holyrood, saying, “Finally, the SNP/Green pact has done something for the environment.”

“Because Nicola Sturgeon has just spent the last 15 minutes giving the same same speech she delivered last week, the exact same speech she used to attempt to persuade everyone that this coalition isn’t really a coalition.

“Now I understand why Nicola Sturgeon lectures us all, claiming that she speaks at a higher level of knowledge than the rest of us.

“However, even by SNP standards, claiming that this is not a coalition is a complete farce.”

Mr Ross went on to say that both the Greens and the SNP backed independence, and that the new deal was just a method for the SNP to get a referendum through.

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