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Romeo Beckham, 17, appears to show off his first tattoo on beach day out as he follows in David and Brooklyn’s footsteps

ROMEO Beckham appears to have followed in his dad David and brother Brooklyn’s footsteps and got a tattoo.

The 17-year-old looked to have an inking on his ribs as he hit the beach in Greece with his family at the weekend.

The small black mark was visible as the teen strode to the sea.

The Sun Online has contacted a representative for the Beckhams for comment.

If it is Romeo’s first tattoo, it comes a year younger than Brooklyn, who got a Native American-inspired design on his forearm aged 18.

While former England footballer David, 45, is covered in ink after building up an impressive collection of a reported 63 designs over the years.

Last year, he unveiled his most out-of-this-world tattoo to date – an intricate grouping of planets inked onto his left temple.

The dad-of-four also has a large Roman numeral inking that can be seen on the inside his right arm.

The number seven holds special significance in David’s life as it represents his jersey number from Manchester United and England.

At the top of his arm David has an inking featuring an angel with the saying “In the Face of Adversity”.

It’s believed to be an expression of his distress during his alleged affair with model and personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

The star had his daughter’s name inked on his neck but didn’t decided it wasn’t enough of a tribute, so added ‘Pretty lady’ and a large rose tattoo.

David also has four birds flying up his neck, most likely representing his children, and the words “I Love You” in cursive going around to the top of his back.

Over on the other side, David has “Buster”, which is the nickname he gave oldest son Brooklyn when he was born.

On the right side of his chest David has a tattoo of a lady in the forest, but no one is too sure what it means.

Over on his left pec, is a portrait of Jesus designed to look like him and three baby angels lifting Jesus from his tomb.

One of the most recent additions to David’s body art is a drawing by daughter Harper.

Inked on the inside of Beckham’s hand, it’s a cute little image of a stick figure with a heart next to it.

Brooklyn has also paid tribute to his family members with his siblings’ names tattooed on his fingers.

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