Roblox China’s App Has Been Shut Down—Will a New Version Be Released?


Roblox China’s App Has Been Shut Down—Will a New Version Be Released?

Despite its global success, Roblox China has decided to shut down its service and app in the Asian country.

China’s version of ‘Roblox’

The Chinese version of “Roblox,” known as “LuoBuLeSi,” has shut down its Android and iOS apps.

It arrives just a few months after its initial release in China in August.

According to The Verge, the year will be 2021.

The Chinese version of ‘Roblox’ was released in a beta phase, thanks to a collaboration with Tencent, one of China’s largest gaming companies.

In the same news article, “Roblox” spokesperson James Kay stated that the company “launched ‘Roblox’ China, also known as ‘LuoBuLeSi,’ with a vision to build an immersive virtual universe of 3D experiences in China that we have been testing and iterating on.”

However, the ‘Roblox’ spokesperson revealed that they are about to make “the necessary investments,” which he kept quiet about except for the game’s “data architecture.”

China’s ‘Roblox’ app has been shut down.

According to Engadget, ‘Roblox’ is only temporarily suspending its services in China while it prepares to relaunch its gaming app.

Last December, users of the Chinese version of “Roblox” were notified.

8 has announced that its services will be terminated.

In the same report, Engadget mentioned that some “Roblox” players in China were disappointed by the latest decision.

It’s worth noting that “LuoBuLeSi” has only been in existence for five months.

Not to mention the fact that its users are limited to the testing version.

Furthermore, some ‘Roblox’ players claimed that the gaming company did not provide enough time or notice for the game’s temporary demise.

Roblox vs. Brinkwire News

Ruben Sim, a YouTuber, is facing a lawsuit after threatening to shut down the Roblox Developers Conference with a fake terrorist threat.

‘Roblox’ vs. ‘Creative+++++++++++

China is a country that has a

Roblox is facing multiple challenges in its newest territory, according to a Financial Times news article.

One of them is the massive popularity of another Chinese gaming title, “Reworld,” which is owned by the same company that created the popular social media app TikTok.

According to the report, “Roblox China” appears to be struggling to keep up with its Asian competitor.

Furthermore, Engadget suggested that the gaming title’s creative and imaginative nature be praised.

News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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