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Road rules quiz about when it’s safe to pass level crossing baffles Australian drivers

If the lights are flashing at a level crossing but the boom gates haven’t lowered yet – is it safe to pass through?

The question posed by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads on social media had Australian drivers stumped.

A flashing orange light at a normal city intersection means a driver can proceed through the crossing with caution – but when passing over train tracks and the light is red, this is not the case.

When two red lights are flashing it is a warning to motorists that a train is coming and the boom gate is about to be lowered or lifted.

‘Level crossing collisions between trains and vehicles are a major safety risk,’ the transport department said.

‘You must not enter a level crossing if warning lights are operating, or warning bells are ringing.’

Understanding the important road safety tip could save your life as there are more than 2,800 level crossings scattered across Queensland.

But one Facebook user didn’t quite seem to comprehend the message and offered an alternative and dangerous perspective on what to do when the lights are flashing and your waiting for the boom gate to go down.

‘The law says no. However, if the boom gates have only just started to go down the train is not even in sight yet (and) the car can fit under, there’s no chance of being hit by the train yet,’ the man posted.

‘If there happens to be a police officer right there at that moment to see it, that’s just downright bad luck and chances are there won’t be.

‘So it seems perfectly safe to go through the intersection and keep going rather than stop and be stuck there held up by a train.

‘After all, my time is more important than anything else.’

Other users were quite to point out you should never do this.

One person even called him a ‘numb nut’ and others urged drivers to stay safe and stop when they see flashing lights.

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