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Road Rule Quiz motorcyclists filtering question baffles motorists

A road rule quiz testing drivers’ knowledge on lane filtering for motorbike riders has baffled social media users. 

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads shared a diagram on Facebook showing four bikes stopped at a set of traffic lights behind two rows of three cars. 

Motorists were asked which of the riders was allowed to overtake the cars to wait at the front of the traffic lights.

But most drivers were convinced lane filtering was illegal in Australia.

‘They shouldn’t be ‘filtering’ at all, is this legal? It annoys me when bike riders weave their way through traffic at intersections,’ one man wrote.

‘Can’t believe the stupidity of Queensland transport to allow this, it so dangerous,’ another wrote.

‘Mopeds and bikes should stay in their position on the road and not go in between cars knocking off side mirrors,’ another man said. 

The Department of Transport and Roads was quick to clear up the misconception.

‘Lane filtering is riding between two adjacent lines of stationary or slow moving traffic travelling in the same direction,’ they said.   

The green and blue motorbikes in the diagram are allowed to lane filter, because they are between two adjacent lines of stationary traffic.

The orange motorbike is prohibited from filtering as it is beside the curb while the the red motorbike would be crossing double white lines, which is illegal.

‘To help ensure pedestrian safety, lane filtering is only allowed between stationary or slow moving vehicles, not between a vehicle and the kerb,’ the department said.

The department said lane filtering can ease congestion and make the commute safer and quicker for all motorists.

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