Rishi Sunak retaliates: The Chancellor savagely rejects Rees-Mogg’s NI demands.


Rishi Sunak retaliates: In a savage swipe, the Chancellor rejects Rees-Mogg’s NI demands.

RISHI SUNAK responded to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s demands by calling a National Insurance tax increase “the responsible thing to do.”

Mr Rees-Mogg is said to have brought up the current cost of living crisis in Cabinet yesterday.

He urged his colleague to reconsider his decision to raise the tax by 1.25 percent to help the NHS deal with the pandemic’s backlog and fund social care.

In their 2019 election manifesto, the Conservatives promised not to raise the tax, but the government has had no choice but to raise the rate due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Lord Frost resigned from the Cabinet, citing high taxation as one of his major concerns.

Mr Sunak appeared to take a swipe at Mr Rees-Mogg today, confirming that he is sticking to his guns and pushing through with the rise.

“It’s always easy to avoid difficult decisions,” the Chancellor said, “but I don’t believe that’s the responsible thing to do.”

“I believe that people’s top priorities are that we invest in the NHS and in social care.”

“What we’re doing is ensuring that those investments are funded in a long-term manner.”

“I have enormous respect for all my colleagues,” he said, referring to the policy disagreement with Mr Rees-Mogg. “If you take a step back and look at why we’re in this situation, it’s because we’re facing an unprecedented level of backlogs in the NHS, and we as a Government don’t think it’s acceptable.”

While rejecting the increase, he expressed sympathy for “people’s anxiety and concern” about rising living costs.

Demands for a delay in the tax increases were also rejected by the Prime Minister’s official spokesman, who said there were “no plans to do that.”

“This money will, in the first instance, go towards tackling that backlog,” he said of the additional NHS and health-care funding.

“That is what the public expects to see, that is their top priority, and that is what we will deliver.”

“In the long run, it will also address another fundamental issue, the unfairness in our current social care system, which has been ignored for far too long.”

In the midst of the Cabinet schism, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated that the principle applied to all ministers.

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