‘Rip up the check!’ says the narrator. France is furious after record Channel crossings despite the UK’s £51 million contribution.


‘Rip up the check!’ says the narrator. France is furious after record Channel crossings despite the UK’s £51 million contribution.

This month, a record number of migrants attempted to cross the English Channel, despite France’s failure to take action to prevent the risky crossings.

September has already exceeded the record for the most crossings in a single calendar month, with a week yet to go. There have been 3,872 arrivals so far, with nearly 500 making the perilous voyage on Wednesday.

The number surpasses the previous high of 3,509, which was reached in July.

This implies that a total of 16,303 migrants have crossed the Dover strait in tiny boats this year.

The total number of crossings in 2021 is already nearly double the sum of 8,410 for the entire year of 2020.

Despite Priti Patel boosting the amount of money provided to France to help deter migrants, the number of people undertaking the perilous voyage continues to rise.

The Home Office stated in July that an extra £51.4 million will be granted to France to aid in the crackdown on attempted cross-Channel crossings.

She stated at the time that the funds would be used to improve intelligence sharing and pay for extra French border agents to patrol beaches in the country’s north.

Ms Patel recently told MPs that she would not “pay a penny of the money” unless France started “delivering results.”

However, there is little indication that the threat has worked to stop the crisis from spreading.

Emmanuel Macron’s government, according to Conservative MP Tim Loughton, who sits on the home affairs select committee, is “totally taking the Mickey.”

“We haven’t actually handed them any of the £51 million yet,” he told this website, “and we should rip up the check and not start handing them anything until we see some results.”

“The more money we give them, the more problems they appear to have, and the worse the situation becomes.”

Dover Member of Parliament Natalie Elphicke has requested that France take something at long last.

“We need to see fewer Channel crossings each month, not more,” she stated.

“As the winter months approach, the waves will become rougher and more treacherous.

“Before more lives are wasted, France must act to halt boats from departing and coordinate with Britain on returns.”

France claims that monitoring the entire coastline to deter crossings is “impossible.”

“We have 300 or 400 kilometers of shore to monitor,” Calais MP Pierre-Henri Dumont told the BBC earlier this month.

“It’s difficult to have a police officer stationed every 100 meters.

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