Richard Madeley’s health: No coffee for the TV host because he has a ‘regular physical’ coming up — when should he fast?


DRINKING coffee, even if you drink it black, can interfere with blood test results. Richard Madeley told viewers today – on Monday, October 11 – that he is having to fast before his “routine medical”.

If you’re having a fasting blood test, you will be told not to eat or drink anything other than water beforehand. You may also be told not to smoke before your test, according to the NHS.  Richard Madeley said he was going for a routine medical, so needed to fast before going for tests. The health body also lists examples of blood tests that may require you to fast. For a fasting blood glucose test you may be asked to fast for eight to 10 hours before the test. To have an iron blood test you may be asked to fast for 12 hours before the test.

Responding to a comment, Madeley said: “I’d kill for a coffee. I have got to have a routine medical a bit later,” adding  “you have to fast for 12 hours, so I’m not even allowed tea”.

Asked why he was doing a routine medical, he quipped “because I am very old”.

Blood tests have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical test.

Most blood tests only take a few minutes to complete and are carried out at your GP surgery or local hospital by a doctor, nurse or phlebotomist, according to the NHS.


However, there’s currently a shortage of blood test tubes in the UK.

The NHS says: “You can still have a blood test if you have an urgent health problem. But you may be asked to wait for your test, or rebook one at a later date, if your doctor says it’s safe to do so.”

The healthcare professional who arranges your blood test will tell you whether there are any specific instructions you need to follow before your test.

The NHS add that it’s important to follow the instructions you’re given, “as it may affect the result of the test and mean it needs to be delayed or carried out again”.

You can get a free NHS Health Check for your overall health, which can tell you whether you’re at higher risk of getting certain health problems.

An NHS Health Check takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

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