Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is poised to take the space race crown from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.


Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is poised to take the space race crown from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Galactic, is ready to close the deal and become the first billionaire to go into space, a victory that is sure to enrage his rival, Jeff Bezos.

Rather than embittered nations, millionaires are competing for supremacy among the stars in the twenty-first century space race. Virgin Galactic, the brainchild of internet magnate Sir Richard Branson, appears to be on track to win this month, with a planned trip into space on July 11. Virgin Galactic decided to one-up competitor Blue Origin by announcing that former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would be a passenger on the company’s debut voyage into space on July 20.

Sir Richard said this week that he and three other crew members will launch next Sunday from the company’s Spaceport America site in the Mohave Desert.

The Virgin Galactic Unity 22 mission will be the company’s fourth trip into space and its 22nd overall test flight.

The millionaire and his crew of flying experts will take off onboard the rocket-powered SpaceShipTwo Unity, weather permitting.

“I honestly feel that space belongs to all of us,” Sir Richard stated.

“Virgin Galactic sits at the forefront of a new commercial space sector, which is set to open space to humanity and alter the world for the better, after more than 16 years of research, engineering, and testing.

“Having an idea of making space more accessible to all is one thing; having an exceptional team work together to make that dream a reality is quite another.

“As part of a wonderful team of mission professionals, I’m honoured to assist validate the journey our future astronauts will take and guarantee we offer the one-of-a-kind Virgin customer experience.”

Beth Moses, Virgin Galactic’s principal astronaut instructor, and Sirisha Bandla, one of the company’s top executives, will accompany Sir Richard.

Colin Bennett, Lead Operations Engineer, and two pilots will be joining the three.

Dave Mackay, a former RAF test pilot who is now the British Chief Pilot of Virgin Galactic, is one of the pilots.

Michael Masucci, the Chief Pilot of Virgin Galactic, is his partner on this journey.

The launch is scheduled for July 11 at 2 p.m. BST (9 a.m. EDT) and will be aired live on the internet.

On the day of the historic flight, visit this page to witness the flight live online.

Sir Richard is on the verge of defeating Jeff. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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