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Revealed: The touching story behind this 14-year-old girl’s school lunchbox that all parents and teachers should read

Parents have praised a mother for giving her daughter extra food to share with a friend who comes to school without any lunch every day.

The woman anonymously posted a photo of her 14-year-old’s lunchbox in an Australian parenting group on Facebook.

Alongside the main container are two smaller boxes filled with fruit and sandwiches, which she said she had made for her teenager’s classmate who arrives every morning without food.

She said she ‘strongly believes in brain food’ and is happy to help in anyway she could to stop a child going hungry.

Hundreds praised her ‘selfless kindness’, with many calling her an ‘awesome mother’ and saying she had inspired them to pack extra for their own kids in case similar issues were taking place in their schools.

‘Hopefully I’m not stepping on toes…after hearing how friends would try and ask [my daughter] for some of her lunch, I decided to make extra,’ the mum wrote in the caption.

‘I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now and everyday the containers come home empty and I’m told whichever friend ate it was very happy.’

She thanked people for their positive feedback and said she was glad to hear of others doing the same.

‘As a mum and teacher, we need more of you,’ one woman said. 

‘You are an awesome mumma (sic),’ replied a second, who said she also packs two lunches for her nine-year-old daughter after discovering a child in her class was coming to school with a single piece of dry bread. 

‘My heart broke. I now make her two lunchboxes every morning. But not to embarrass her friend, she ‘goes to the toilet’ and puts in in their bag,’ she said.

A third called it ‘a great idea and act of kindness’ and said her primary school teacher mother often sees children going hungry because of domestic trouble or financial hardship.

‘She buys them a healthy lunch from the tuck shop and sometimes even new shoes for the odd kid,’ she said.

Others called the mother’s actions a ‘beautiful gesture’ and ‘an awesome thing to do’. 

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