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Revealed: How washing fruit and vegetables in vinegar can keep them fresh in the fridge for WEEKS  

An Australian mother-of-two has shared her simple trick for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh in the fridge for weeks at a time.

Posting to the Mums Who Cook and Bake Facebook page, Rachael said in order to make the food last longer she rinses the produce in vinegar and leaves it on for one minute before washing with water. 

‘I just pour a bit of vinegar over the berries then come back a minute later and wash the berries with water, then leave to completely dry before putting in the fridge,’ she said online.  

For large quantities of fruit and vegetables, Rachael recommends filling the sink with water just enough to cover the food, then adding in a ‘good glug of vinegar’.

She said bi-carb soda can also be used instead of vinegar to remove any pesticides and particles that may be hidden in the food.

Rachael said to leave the food in the water for a few minutes before washing and then place on a towel to dry. 

As vinegar is an acidic liquid used for preserving foods, it can be safely used to extend the life of fruits and vegetables that have been picked.

The helpful insight left others in shock and the Facebook post attracted more than 240 ‘likes’ from other mums.

‘Your set up makes me jealous!’ one mum said, another added: ‘I do this too, with the exception of leafy greens.’

And while many were amazed with the helpful hacks, others seemed more interested in Rachael’s glass meal-prep containers.

‘Do you wash your containers by hand or in the dishwasher?’ one asked, and Rachael said she often uses the dishwasher.

Others asked where she bought the containers from and loved the organised setup. 

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