Retrial calls for Ghislaine Maxwell are growing as a second juror claims she was abused.


Retrial calls for Ghislaine Maxwell are growing as a second member of the jury claims they were abused.

After it was revealed that he was sexually abused as a child, one of the jurors who convicted Ghislaine Maxwell of sex trafficking has hired a lawyer.

As a result of the revelation, Ms Maxwell’s lawyers have asked for a new trial for the British socialite.

She was found guilty last week of five counts of child trafficking and grooming on behalf of her late partner, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Earlier this week, the juror told reporters about his sexual abuse experience.

He has hired a New York-based attorney to represent him.

The unnamed juror’s retained lawyer, Todd Spodek, told District Judge Alison Nathan on Thursday that the juror did not want a court-appointed attorney.

Judge Nathan has given the defense until January 19 to file a request for a new trial.

The juror explained to The Independent that survivors of sexual abuse may forget minor details but retain a clear memory of what happened.

“When I was sexually abused, I know what happened,” he said.

“I recall the carpet’s and walls’ colors.

Some of it can be watched over and over again, just like a video.”

“However, I don’t recall all of the details, and some of them overlap,” he added.

He went on to say that the fact that the girls who had been abused had waited so long to come forward had nothing to do with the truth of their claims.

“I didn’t tell anyone about my abuse until I was in high school,” he explained.

“We can’t judge what they did or didn’t do after that,” he continued.

“It doesn’t change the fact that it occurred.”

As he described his experiences, the other members of the jury fell silent.

In a separate interview with Reuters, he said he “flew through” the juror questionnaire used before the trial and did not recall being asked about his sexual abuse experiences.

He claimed that if pressed, he would have responded truthfully.

The trial focused heavily on memories and recollections, with both the prosecution and defense calling their own experts to testify.

This comes after a second jury member told The New York Times that they, too, had been sexually abused as children.

According to the New York Times, the second juror believes it influenced the jury’s discussion.

The first juror told MailOnline that he didn’t recall all of the questions that each potential juror was asked during the selection process, but that he did remember some of them.

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