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Retiree who found an enormous water tank next to his house loses battle to have it removed

A retiree has lost a battle to have a water tank built without council permission next to his property removed.

Brando Soda, from Campbelltown, north-east of Adelaide, found the 40,000-litre tank next to his verandah when he returned home from a skiing holiday in Victoria six months ago.

He has fought vigorously to have the 2.8-metre high tank, which is 600 millimetres from his property line, removed as it blocked his view while his neighbour Baden Greer sought retroactive approval.

However on Tuesday Campbelltown City Council ruled there was no issue with the water tank, according to The Advertiser.

Mr Soda said he was ‘really disappointed’ and that the ordeal had ‘stressed him out’.

‘In the end it all came down to whether it was at least 600mm from our boundary, not how high it was or the glare that it keeps creating,’ he said. 

Eleven people made submissions to the council that the water taken should be moved – included local MP Vincent Tarzia, who said it could be seen from a bus stop. 

Since the decision was made Mr Greer told Mr Soda he is going to erect a fence and plant creepers to hide the tank.

He also said he was going to empty it and try and move it as far away from the house during the ‘cordial conversation’. 

‘I also asked him to do something about the pump, which keeps coming on and off all night so I can’t sleep,’ Mr Soda said.

‘He has said he will look into it and see what he can do.’

Mr Greer declined to comment following the proceedings but apologised in his submission to the council.

He said he regretted no previously consulting with Mr Soda or the council and understood lack of proper procedure had caused angst in the community.  

Mr Soda said he was considering appealing the decision. 

Council planning staff said in their report the water tank complied with regulations.  

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