Results of the National Lottery UP TO DATE – The winning Lotto numbers for Saturday have been released, with an £8.7 million prize up for grabs next week.


Results of the National Lottery UP TO DATE – The winning Lotto numbers for Saturday have been released, with an £8.7 million prize up for grabs next week.

After no one won the top prize on Saturday evening, the jackpot for Wednesday’s National Lottery draw is expected to be £8.7 million.

According to Camelot, no one matched all six main numbers, but one lucky player matched five plus the bonus ball to win £1 million.

Lotto numbers 27, 21, 28, 04, 13, 37, and bonus number 19 were the winning numbers.

The draw machine Arthur and a set of balls numbered 11 were utilized.

141 people won £1,750 by matching five numbers, while 8,093 people won £140 by matching four numbers.

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Patrick and Frances Connolly, like many lottery players, “always hoped” they would win but didn’t have great expectations.

They won £114,969,775 on the EuroMillions two years ago on New Year’s Day after playing every week for years.

When the couple from Northern Ireland’s County Armagh learned of the “life-changing” sum, they celebrated simply with “a cup of tea and a hug.”

“I always hoped we’d win the lottery one day,” they told ITV, “but if we did, it’d simply be our luck that a lot of other people would win on the same day with the same numbers as us.”

“I never imagined we’d earn about £115 million in my wildest fantasies.”

Adrian and Gillian Bayford of Suffolk, who won more than £148 million in 2012.

Adrian, who is no longer married to Gillian, spent £2.5 million in February 2020 on two properties.

In June 2019, an unidentified UK ticket purchaser received the £123 million jackpot.

In April 2018, another anonymous UK ticket purchaser earned £121.3 million.

In January 2019, Frances and Patrick Connolly of County Armagh, Northern Ireland, won the £114.9 million prize.

In October 2010, an anonymous ticket holder won £113 million.

In March 2014, Neil Trotter of Coulsdon, South London, earned £107.9 million.

In October 2011, Dave and Angela Dawes of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, won £101 million.

In March 2019, Ade Goodchild, from Hereford, amassed a fortune of £71 million.

In April 2019, an anonymous ticket holder won £35.2 million.

A schedule for all UK lottery games, including Lotto, EuroMillions, and Set For Life, may be found here.

A draw is held six nights a week.

It’s worth noting that no draws are held on Sundays.

Lotteries in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom started EuroMillions on February 7, 2004, with the inaugural draw six days later in Paris.

Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland joined in October of that year.

Every Tuesday and Friday evening, at 8.45 p.m. local time – 7.45 p.m. in the United Kingdom – draws are held in Paris.

You’ll pick five main numbers and two lucky stars (numbers) for rewards ranging from £2.50 to the jackpot.

The value of the prizes varies based on… Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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