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Restaurant in China apologises after weighing customers before they order food

A RESTAURANT in China has apologised for asking diners to WEIGH themselves before they sat down to eat.

The diner introduced the bizarre policy after taking a national drive to stop food shortage to extreme measures.

The restaurant, in the city of Changsha, placed two huge scales outside its entrance earlier this week, reports the BBC.

It then asked diners to weigh themselves before entering their stats into an app which would suggest what and how much they should eat.

They were offered choices based on their weight and individual dishes’ calorific content.

Signs reading ‘be thrifty and diligent, promote empty plates’ and ‘operation empty plate’ were placed on the walls inside.

The story has sparked uproar on Chinese media where hashtags related to the incident have been viewed more than 300m times on Weibo.

The restaurant has since said it was “deeply sorry” for its over-zealous interpretation of the state’s highly-publicised campaign.

“Our original intentions were to advocate stopping waste and ordering food in a healthy way. We never forced customers to weigh themselves,” it posted online this morning.

President Xi Jinping launched the food campaign earlier this week calling the levels of waste “shocking and distressing”.

The Wuhan Catering Industry Association then urged restaurants in the city to limit the number of dishes served to diners.

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