Respect one another! The ‘disrespectful’ Princess Diana poll by GB News has enraged royal lovers.


Respect one another! The ‘disrespectful’ Princess Diana poll by GB News has enraged royal lovers.

GB News viewers criticised the network when a poll suggested the Princess Diana statue resembles British Prime Minister Theresa May, with some calling the poll “disrespectful” and “rude” given the occasion.

Following many messages put into the show, GB News conducted a poll on Twitter asking viewers if the freshly erected statue of Princess Diana at Kensington Palace looked more like the princess or Theresa May. Some viewers slammed GB News, claiming the poll was inappropriate to Harry and William, who were commemorating their mother. Nearly 4,000 people voted in the poll, giving both responses an even split. While some spectators thought the statue’s resemblance to Diana was incorrect, others avoided being too harsh out of respect for the brothers.

Following the installation of the statue, broadcaster Simon McCoy of GB News claimed that there was “a lot of criticism.”

Many more, according to the presenter, believed that the views of Prince Harry and William were the most important.

Following the email, GB News created a Twitter poll asking, “Who do you think it looks like more?” There is a choice between Diana and Theresa May.

Although the votes were fairly evenly distributed, several royal enthusiasts were outraged by the poll’s comments.

“It doesn’t look like May at all!” one person wrote.

“If the boys are pleased, we should all be happy.”

“I think people should realize these two men lost their mother at a young age,” said another.

“It must have been devastating for them, especially Harry, to have to walk with their mother’s coffin in front of the world while maintaining their emotions.

“I’m sure they’re scarred.”

“The monument looks amazing and puts a light on family values and care for others,” one spectator remarked.

While many people raced to support the statue and Prince Harry and William, others were critical of the artwork.

Some people thought the statue was “awful,” and that Diana should be alone, without her children by her side.

One person suggested the statue could have been “much worse,” referring to Cristiano Ronaldo’s bronze statue.

Diana’s statue was unveiled in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace during a private and peaceful ceremony.

The public was not allowed to attend, and much of the world’s media was barred entry.

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