Residents have been tormented for seven years by rats the size of cats: ‘This isn’t how you should live!’


Residents have been tormented for seven years by rats the size of cats: ‘This isn’t how you should live!’

RATS the size of cats have been terrorizing a neighbourhood in north Belfast, with one woman blaming an overgrown alleyway for preventing her from putting her rubbish away, resulting in a serious pest problem.

The alleyway behind the dwellings on Eia Street, north Belfast, is overgrown and unadopted, according to the resident, making it impossible for residents to get their bins into the small yards behind their homes. This forces residents to leave bins out on the street for the entire week.

Pauline Rooney, a mother of two who has lived on the street for seven years, claims that the bin problem has resulted in a huge number of rats in the area.

Ms Rooney explained the scenario to Belfast Live, saying, “For the past seven years, I have had to raise my children fully surrounded by rats.”

“Forcing any of our children to play in this environment is not acceptable.

“Everywhere you walk, you see these big rats the size of a cat or a small dog roaming around.

“I feel like I’ve been going back and forth to different meetings the entire time I’ve been here, trying to get the issue resolved, but nothing ever seems to happen.

“This week, council pest control came out and placed poison in the drains, but I doubt it would help much because there are so many of them.

“Our children have awoken on numerous occasions to see dead rats lying in the roadway.

“I even have CCTV footage of rats jumping out of a waste lorry at the man collecting the bins while others scurry across the street, it’s shocking,” says the author.

“The problem is the overgrown alleyway behind our houses, which prevents us from putting our trash away at the back, and because no one has a front yard, the bins are constantly trapped on the street.

“However, nobody seemed to care or desire to do anything about it because the alley is unadopted.”

“If there was a fire in the front of our homes, we would be stuck; there is no way we could get out of the back,” she told Belfast Live.

“No one should have to live in such a way.”

The alleyway is the responsibility of Belfast City Council, according to “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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