Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets a Swanky Lexington Bluetooth Keyboard in Japan

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Alongside the news that the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake is getting a swanky limited edition worldwide, Capcom has announced Japan is getting something very special with their release of the game.

The Japanese version of the game will come with a replica of the in-game Lexington typewriter, the very same typewriter you save your game with. The new and very real bluetooth keyboard is being produced via a collaboration with Qwerkytoys (as it’s based on their Qwerkywriter S model), and has a few new features like a scroll knob, a return bar, and even a built-in stand.

Here’s some glamour shots:

While the keyboard is coming with the limited edition, you can also purchase it separately for the low price of 75,000 yen, or roughly $670. There’s also a bundle that has the keyboard plus the Resident Evil 2 remake, for 82,800 yen. If you want the whole hog, the premium edition comes with the collector’s edition contents and the keyboard, for 99,800 yen.

It’s worth pointing out the non-Resident Evil branded version of this keyboard, the Qwerkywriter S, retails for $249.00. The keyboard can be charged via its USB cable, and you can also change the scroll knob to adjust volume, or scroll the current page you’re viewing.

If you’re interesting in spending hundreds of dollars on a bluetooth keyboard, you can find various options over on the Japanese Capcom store.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake is launching on January 25th of 2019, alongside the Lexington bluetooth keyboard.


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