Republicans are calling for Joe Biden to be impeached over the ‘nightmare YOU caused’ in Afghanistan.


Republicans are calling for Joe Biden to be impeached over the ‘nightmare YOU caused’ in Afghanistan.

After US forces withdrew from Afghanistan one day before the deadline, Republicans are calling on Joe Biden to resign or be impeached.

Republicans have been outraged by the withdrawal of US soldiers from Afghanistan, with many accusing President Joe Biden of abandoning Americans. On Tuesday, the last US military plane left Kabul, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reported that around 100 Americans were unable to board the final flights.

In a speech to the country yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden defended the decision to withdraw US soldiers.

He praised the evacuation of more than 120,000 civilians and pledged to keep working to assist Americans still stationed in Afghanistan in returning home.

“A lot of our veterans and their families have gone through hell,” the President remarked. Deployment of the system after it has been deployed. They’ve been separated from their families for months or perhaps years… Loss of limbs, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all possibilities.

“I wasn’t going to keep this endless fight going, and I wasn’t going to keep this endless exit going. Afghanistan’s war is now over.”

In a press conference, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy slammed Biden. “What is the plan to return Americans home safely?” he said. Not a few, but each and every American? What about the inventory of weapons that have been left behind to account for it?

“We now have Americans trapped in Afghanistan, the Taliban in command with more weapons than they’ve ever had, and an open border.”

Republicans will now introduce legislation to assist the remaining American troops in Afghanistan. According to Fox News, the bill’s sponsor, Mike Gallagher, has chastised Democrats for failing to endorse his proposal, despite the fact that it achieves the same goals that the party had requested.

“This is exactly what many Democrats claimed they wanted,” Mr Gallagher added. They retaliated against the administration. They asked with the President to postpone the Taliban’s surrender deadline.

“However, when the time of truth arrived on the House floor, they all voted no, so as not to jeopardize Bernie Sanders’ budget’s passage.”

“Mr President, if you have an ounce of respect for your 50 years of service to our nation, and if you want to go forward toward healing, to unite our nation, to get past this nightmare that you have created, then by God, sir, resign,” Representative Clay Higgins said.


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