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The ‘BB20’ houseguest is in hot water for the third time this season.

The ‘BB20’ houseguest is in hot water for the third time this season.

Big Brother Season 20 is being hit with yet another controversy — and the culprit is a repeat offender. JC Mounduix, a 28-year-old houseguest who has been involved in at least two previous eyebrow-raising incidents this summer on the CBS reality show, asked a female houseguest if she is transgender.

Us Weekly reports that Mounduix was caught on the CBS live feeds talking to Las Vegas entertainer Rachel Swindler as she tried to fall asleep. After Mounduix asked Swindler, “Are you a real girl?” she became frustrated and told him, “Yes.”

“There was a comment that you are trans,” Mounduix reportedly said, before admitting that he is the one who started a rumor that she is transgender earlier in the season.

Mounduix, who is openly gay, went so far as to touch Swindler’s neck and tell her, “You have a big Adam’s apple.”

A visibly annoyed Swindler then asked Mounduix to leave her alone, telling him he was being “rude.” Mounduix can be heard cackling in the background.

Big Brother live feed watchers took to social media to denounce Mounduix’s rude behavior and unwanted touching when asking Swindler if she’s transgender. You can see the exchange as well as some comments from Big Brother fans about JC’s inappropriate behavior below.

JC: Are you a real girl?
Rachel: Yes.
JC: There was a comment that you were a trans.
Rachel: Who said that?
JC: I did.
Rachel: Okay, no..not a chance.#bb20

— gιяℓ_ѕмєg (@girlsmeg) July 30, 2018

So JC made up a rumor about Rachel saying she is trans? What is wrong the #bb20 cast?!

— Katy Garner (@KatyGarner5) August 1, 2018

JC starting a rumor that Rachel is trans and then proceeding to touch her adam’s apple even though she very clearly tells him to stop is reason #100 why I don’t like him. #bb20

— jack (@cali_jack) July 31, 2018

Are you kidding me JC needs to shut up and sit down. Someone’s Gender is not a joke neither is being transgender. It’s because of people like him suicide rate is so high in the trans community.

— Charlotte Roberts (@Crob29Roberts) July 30, 2018

While there are no transgender contestants this season on Big Brother, in 2015, the U.S. version of the reality show made history with its first-ever transgender houseguest. During that season, Audrey Middleton came out to her fellow housemates on her first night in the house and was well-received by everyone in the house early on.

‘Big Brother’ Contestant JC Asks Houseguest If She’s Trans (Video)

— TheWrap (@TheWrap) July 31, 2018

As for this season, JC Mounduix has been in hot water a few times already, and the show hasn’t even reached the halfway mark yet. During his first week in the Big Brother house, the Cuban-born dancer pretended to use an ice cream scooper on housemate Kaycee Clark’s genitals. Mounduix also used the N-word when talking with African-American houseguest Bayleigh Dayton during a discussion about derogatory terms. Dayton shut Mounduix down, warning him, “You’re not allowed to say that. Don’t do that again.” He later apologized.

This season’s batch of Big Brother houseguests have been so controversial that last week CBS put up the dreaded “viewer discretion” warning which distances the network from the houseguests’ views. According to E! News, CBS previously issued a statement that confirmed Big Brother‘s producers have already addressed at least two disturbing incidents that were seen on the 24/7 live feed. In a statement, the network warned against “future consequences” for ill-behaving houseguests.

Big Brother‘s history with inappropriate contestants goes way back, but the most notable season — besides the current one — occurred during the show’s 15th season back in 2013. The controversial season featured several contestants who routinely made homophobic and racist comments about gay, African-American, and Asian housemates.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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