‘Remove those!’ Michael Schumacher’s son Mick yelled at bogus family photos.


‘Remove those!’ Michael Schumacher’s son Mick yelled at bogus family photos.

According to discovered testimonies, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER’s son Mick was enraged after bogus images of the Schumacher family surfaced online.

Many Formula 1 fans are curious if they will see the sport’s great again in the near future, following Netflix’s poignant ‘Schumacher’ documentary. Schumacher was injured in a skiing accident eight years ago, and since then, he has led a very secluded life with the aid of his wife Corinna and children Mick and Gina-Marie. Corinna gave a rare update on her husband in the documentary, which was released earlier this month. “Everyone misses Michael,” she replied, “but Michael is here, different, but here.” Every day, he continues to demonstrate his strength to me.

“We’re all in this together.” At home, we share a space. We are therapists. We do everything we can to improve Michael’s condition and ensure his comfort.

“And just to make him feel a part of our family, our bond.” And no matter what happens, I’ll do everything I can to help. We’ll all do it. We’re attempting to continue as a family in the manner in which Michael enjoyed and continues to enjoy it. And we’re going about our business.” In the video, Corinna also reveals that her family is “covering” Schumacher because he wants to keep his privacy.

However, Mick Schumacher, who drives for the Haas F1 team, was irritated when he saw false images of the Schumacher family floating online.

“These images are routinely released since they allegedly show me as a child with my father,” Mick remarked during the 2019 row.

“To be clear, these photos do not depict me, nor do they depict Gina.

“I pity the folks in these photographs. I can only ask that they be removed from all media archives.” In one photo, Schumacher appeared to be cradling a little Mick, while in another, he appeared to be standing with a boy and girl.

However, the identities of the children in these photographs were unknown.

A “friend” of the Schumachers sought to sell images of Michael for about $1 million (£740,000) in 2016, in a similar instance.

Media agencies were apparently granted the opportunity to publish the first photos of the German icon since his horrific accident at the moment.

According to RTL, the person snapped images of Schumacher while he was sleeping and then attempted to sell them.

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