‘Remoaners choking on their sea bass!’ Joy as UK fishermen receive a £44 million boost from Brexit.


‘Remoaners choking on their sea bass!’ Joy as UK fishermen receive a £44 million boost.

Despite the “post-Covid apocalypse narrative” emanating from remoaners, it has been claimed that British fishermen are experiencing a “bumper haul” of produce from the sea.

“Remoaners choke on their sea bass,” according to columnist Robert Hardman, when they hear of this Brexit fishing success story.

The fishing industry in Brixham, a coastal British town, has had a banner year.

The port’s seafood sales are at an all-time high.

Brixham sold £43.6 million worth of fish in 2021.

“The fish are there, the customers are waiting, and they are not going to let 30ft waves and 50mph winds stop them from another bumper haul,” Mr Hardman wrote in the Daily Mail.

“Here in Brixham, business isn’t just brisk.

“It’s booming to the point where this grand old Devon fishing port just had its best year ever.”

“This is a town that is cheerfully raising two fingers to shroud-waving Remainers peddling the post-Brexit, post-Covid apocalypse narrative that we are heading for the economic abyss,” says one resident.

After the United Kingdom was dropped from the EU’s Horizon Europe program, 12 projects were given £17 million to collaborate with international partners.

Experts have told This website that they are “relieved” to see the UK get the ball rolling on overseas collaborations, despite the fact that it is a drop in the ocean compared to the EU’s £80 billion fund.

It comes after Britain was kicked out of Horizon Europe, the EU’s flagship research and innovation project, and told it wouldn’t be able to rejoin until Brexit issues are resolved.

Despite the fact that the UK’s participation was a requirement of the EU–UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the UK took a tough stance.

A fisherman makes a heartfelt plea to the government to assist in the rebuilding of the British fishing industry, claiming that he has “lost the will to fish.”

In January 2021, the EU and the UK reached an agreement that resulted in changes to European vessel fishing quotas in British waters.

However, EU boats can fish in British waters for another four years while the UK fights to reclaim control of its coastal waters.

The agreement ensured that 25% of EU boats’ fishing rights in UK waters would be transferred to the British fleet over a five-year period.


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