‘Remember what happened last time,’ Macron said in response to Jersey’s ‘bullying.’


‘Remember what happened last time,’ Macron said in response to Jersey’s ‘bullying.’

A UK Brexiteer claims that EMMANUEL Macron is inflaming tensions with the UK over fishing rights in Jersey for domestic political purposes, while encouraging the French President to recall how similar bullying earlier this year spurred UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to send in the Royal Navy.

David Jones, the Tory MP for Clwyd West, was speaking at the conclusion of a week that saw France lash out at the UK after Jersey refused to permit 75 French fishing vessels access to its seas beginning on October 30. Paris is also furious after it was found that the UK had only awarded 12 licenses to smaller French fishing boats out of 47 applications, with France’s Maritime Minister, Annick Girardin, saying: “The British are dragging their feet or failing to live up to their obligations on every subject.” Retaliation, according to Ms Girardin, might include energy supply, educational exchanges, commerce flows, and rail ties.

Mr Jones, who is also the deputy head of the European Research Group (ERG), advised Mr Macron to walk gently, according to this website.

“It’s quite terrible that France, a major European country, should turn to bullying the small island population of Jersey,” he said.

“However, the French should recall what happened the last time they attempted it: the Royal Navy was dispatched.”

“They should also remember that boycotts can act in both directions,” Mr Jones added.

“The United Kingdom is a vital market for France, but the outstanding wines of Australia, New Zealand, and Chile can readily replace French wine.” Our own home-made cheeses can be used in place of French Brie and Camembert.” Mr Jones cited next year’s Presidential elections as Mr Macron’s motivation.

“The overall impression is that M. Macron, who has lost face as a result of this affair, is primarily concerned about the presidential elections next year,” he said. That is the true cause of the current panic.” In other news, EU leaders met behind closed doors with important figures in Northern Ireland to try to break the protocol’s impasse.

The protocol was agreed upon by the UK and the EU as a mechanism to keep the island of Ireland’s land border open after Brexit.

Unionists in Northern Ireland, on the other hand, have been adamantly opposed to the Northern Ireland Protocol’s provisions, which include increased checks on products entering the region from other countries. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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