Remainer MPs ‘plotted to seize control of Parliament and sideline Brexit in cloakroom’

Tory chief whip Julian Smith is believed to have overheard the cross-party group of MPs discussing how to change long-standing Commons rules so MPs’ motions get precedence

A “CLOAKROOM plot” by backbench MPs to seize control of Parliamentary business and sideline the Government’s role in Brexit has been allegedly uncovered.

The cross-party group of senior MPs were accused of wanting to change Commons rules so that motions proposed by normal MPs take precedence over government business— reversing long-established norms.

It would mean they could try to suspend Article 50 or order another referendum— plunging the nation into a constitutional crisis.

Tory chief whip Julian Smith is said to have overheard the conspirators in the MP’s cloakroom, according to The Sunday Times.

He ordered legal advice to be drawn up and presented to Mrs May.

The report says: “Such an attempt represents a clear and present danger to all government business.

“Without control of the order paper, the government has no control over the House of Commons and the parliamentary business and legislation necessary to progress government policies.

“The government would lose its ability to govern.”

But Labour and hardline Tory Brexiteers cast doubt on the plot’s existence and claimed Tory whips may have fabricated to scare MPs into backing Mrs May’s deal.

It has also emerged that Speaker John Bercow secretly met Tory rebel Dominic Grieve before he controversially allowed the former Attorney General to table an amendment which will see Mrs May hauled back to the Commons to announce a Plan B if her deal is rejected tomorrow, as expected.

REMAINER plotters just won’t stop.

First they toadied up to preening Speaker John Bercow to try to block a No Deal Brexit. Now they want to cripple the Government entirely in a bid to secure a second referendum.

Their outrageous plan to seize control of all Commons business would be nothing short of a coup.

No wonder Theresa May admits the rebels are closer than ever to stopping Brexit entirely as her deal flounders.

It’s time for the PM to listen to the Tory big beasts urging her to return to Brussels this week and make it clear Britain is ready to leave without a deal.

The plan has the support of her DUP allies, and could be her last chance to rescue her divided Government.

Because if the Conservatives don’t pull together, they risk the biggest disaster of all — a Jeremy Corbyn government.

The cynical Marxist will do anything to get power — even though he STILL can’t tell us what his Brexit policy is.

Yesterday Corbyn refused five times to say whether or not Labour actually wants to leave the EU at all.

If Europhile Tories don’t stop their game-playing NOW, they’ll hand this hapless extremist the keys to No10.

The Mail on Sunday claimed the pair spoke in Mr Bercow’s grace-and-favour Commons apartment the previous day.

Mr Grieve reportedly refused to reveal what was discussed but Mr Bercow said: “Speakers make up their own minds.”

Mr Grieve later called the conspiracy claims “rubbish” and “totally untrue” and said he had received death threats after they were reported.


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