‘Rejuvenation period!’ says the narrator. An ex-Al Qaeda recruiter claims that jihadist “chatter” has increased “ten-fold.”


‘Rejuvenation period!’ says the narrator. An ex-Al Qaeda recruiter claims that jihadist “chatter” has increased “ten-fold.”

A FORMER Al-Qaeda recruiter has claimed that the West’s handling of the Afghan issue will inspire terrorist groups to grow in strength.

Jesse Morton acknowledged that there has been an increase in internet “chatter” among IS-K followers in Asia. In 2017, Morton co-founded the anti-radicalization group Parallel Networks. He added there had been an upsurge of 8% to 10% in jihadi “chatter” during a conference organized by the Counter Extremism Project (CEP).

“Where we find ourselves today is a vision that ultimate victory is for the Muslims, and that will now touch not just the thoughts and attitude of jihadists, but of Islamists,” Morton told Metro.

“It makes the very true notion that extremist Muslims can only accomplish change through violent jihad all the more appealing.

“And it will bleed into the interpretation of prophesy and the resonance of Isis attempting to overthrow the Taliban, because jihadists have declared that Khorosan is the same as Afghanistan in Arabic.

“The black banner of jihad will be realized in Khorosan, and it will not be stopped until it reaches Jerusalem, according to the prophecy.

The terror strike at Kabul airport, which killed 13 US Marines and 170 civilians, was claimed by IS-k.

He continued, “We have witnessed what was in the psyche of jihadists basically a state of despair when Isis’s caliphate was dissolved in a matter of months, really weeks, and…they weren’t in the media, they weren’t in the Press…

Since then, I’ve observed jihadist discussion on the internet, particularly in Arabic, increase by at least eight to ten times.

“This is a period of rejuvenation for the Taliban, ISIS, and all terrorist groups around the world.

“The Taliban is in power, but it’s just another sign that victory is on the horizon if you stay patient and keep fighting.”

This comes after the last US soldier left Afghanistan before the deadline of August 31.

Following the August 31 deadline, President Biden gave a statement at the White House in which he declared the pullout a success.

“Remember why we came to Afghanistan in the first place?” he added.

“Because Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden attacked us in 2001, and they were located in Afghanistan.”


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