Reflections and resolutions from the New Year


On the first day of the new year, the comment pages of newspapers were dominated by REVIEWS on 2020 and the personalities of the year.

The Daily Mail

Jan Moir promoted Captain Sir Tom Moore to the top of her list of 2020 heroes, whose garden rounds raised £ 33 million for the NHS.

“A bus, a train, a police dog, a motorboat, a garden and a horse have all been named after him,”A bus, a train, a police dog, a motorboat, a garden and a horse were all named after him. “Heroes also include the wartime generation who went through six years of much worse than this.”

All the retirees who returned to work for the NHS came in second place, followed at the beginning of the pandemic by the Queen for her “old and beautiful” broadcast about people coming back together one day.

“bad guys” she said. Among the “doesn’t notice the suffering around the world.” was Kim Kadashian, who she said “In October, the reality star shared pictures with her 190 million online followers of her Gatsby-esque 40th birthday party on a private island,”

Instead of dipping into his own billions, Phillip Green, who took advantage of the holiday scheme to pay his staff, was also named, as were Dominic Cummings and Dr. Catherine Calderwood for breaking the Covid rules they helped develop.

About the Daily Express

Ross Clark said that 2020 will go down in history as the most pitiful year in the lives of many people.

But while 2021 begins under a very dark cloud of rising covid cases and fatalities, there is every reason to hope that what it eventually brings could pleasantly surprise us,”But although 2021 begins under a very dark cloud of rising covid cases and deaths, there is every reason to hope that it could pleasantly surprise us with what it eventually brings,” “It is possible to see the foundations for a much better future at the risk of sounding like one of those soccer managers who responds to a 3-0 defeat by telling reporters “there are a lot of positives to take from this,”

Just two months ago, he said, the news of the vaccine was a fantasy, and with the support of all those who volunteered to help the NHS at the beginning of the crisis, “there’s no reason why we shouldn’t match what Israel has achieved, which is to vaccinate 5.2 percent of its population in just nine days.”

The Guardianship

Marina Hyde wondered if she was making some New Year’s resolutions for Boris Johnson.

“If so, maybe he should try to develop a stiff upper lip this year,” she said. “It looks like we’re going to need it.”

She said the prime minister is so concerned about his own feelings, constantly saying in his speeches how much he hates having to introduce new rules, that before he is forced to do worse, he puts things off.

I’m sure there’s a Boris Johnson column in the archives arguing that the “PC brigade,” she said, finds these answers to be unacceptable.

Be that as it may, in this particular situation, I am happy to do him the favor of considering them the most effective alerts. For the love of Heaven, Prime Minister — stand your ground.


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