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Reddit users reveal the things they learned embarrassingly late

Most of us are learning new things all the time, but sometimes a lack of awareness about very simple facts can trip up the best of us. 

If you’ve ever had a revelation that’s left you feeling red-faced over your ignorance, then these jaw-dropping confessions from Reddit, recently collated by Bored Panda will make you feel better, including someone who didn’t realise gherkins are pickled cucumbers. 

The discussion was prompted by Redditor Lightning Cole who took to the site to ask other users, ‘What did you learn embarrassingly late?’ 

Their question prompted thousands of responses, including one who thought that buffalo wings came from an actual species of bird. 

Another person confessed they thought Rottweiler dogs were ‘just fat Dobermans’. The admission prompted another user to say it was the ‘best comment by far.’ 

In total, the question prompted more than 18,000 responses, illustrating that many of us are guilty of not knowing some very simple facts. 

One admitted they didn’t realise that there’s a prong on the lid of medicated creams that can be used to break the foil seal.   

‘Typically, these tubes of “cream” have a seal and I used to remove the lid and break the seal by finding anything sharp and pointy nearby (pen maybe),’ the explained.

‘It took me 23 years to realise that the pointy end in the centre of the lid has a purpose……..’ 

Another believe their parents’ story that the ribs they ate at home came from dinosaurs.  

‘My dad and mom had always called them velociraptor ribs for some reason and I guess we just figured our dad was so big and awesome that it made sense that he would often go out and kill dinosaurs for us to eat,’ they explained. 

‘I don’t think I found out until I was in junior high that they were just regular ribs.’ 

In another food-based confession, one Redditor said they didn’t realise they ‘a’ in coca was silent.    

Another user heaped further embarrassment on the thread by saying they thought American TV science personality Bill Nye and British Hollywood star Bill Nighy were the same person.

They admitted it wasn’t until their first year of college that they discovered otherwise. 

Another admitted they did not realise there are other truffles besides chocolate ones. 

They said when they heard about ‘people sending pigs in the forest to hunt for truffles,’ they thought ‘they’d buried chocolates in there to teach pigs how to dig food up.’ 

They then added: ‘I was 21.’ 

Finally, some users got their geography entirely wrong. One said they did not realise that the US state of Alaska is not an island. 

Another went one step further by admitting they did not know Mexico is in North America, not South America. 

Other embarassing revelations included not realising an orgasm and an organism are different things, and claiming the Beatles were very against drugs.  

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