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Red Sea gang rape victim claims suspect ‘threatened to send her footage of her being attacked by 30 men’

A TEENAGE gang rape victim claims her attacker threatened to send her a video of her being assaulted by 30 men.

The 16-year-old was allegedly raped by 30 men in an Eilat hotel in Israel.

The girl reportedly told police investigators that the following day she was approached by one of the men who told her he had videos of the attack.

“He asked if I wanted him to send them to me, but I wasn’t capable of handling it,” Channel 13 reports her as saying.

Court testimony indicated the men had lined up outside the girl’s hotel room, callously waiting their turn to rape her.

One of the men reportedly told investigators that more than 30 men had sex with the girl, but he denied rape.

One of the girl’s friends is said to have tried but failed to intervene to stop the alleged rape, and other witnesses allegedly simply ignored the attack.

Haaretz reports that some of the alleged perpetrators filmed the attack using the mobile phones.

Video of the assault is reported to have featured in a later exchange of messages between the girl and one of the men who has been arrested.

The man denied sending the messages and said another person had sent them using his mobile phone.

Police said the victim was raped after going to use the bathroom at the Red Sea Hotel.

She is thought not to have been a guest at the hotel, but to have been socialising there with a group of friends.

The case has sent shockwaves throughout Israel as thousands have taken to the streets calling for justice for the teenager.

They carried banners saying “we won’t be silent anymore” and “we believe you”.

The victim has said she is encouraged by the support from the public as protests sweep Israel, but is unable to ignore trolls online who have jumped on the case, reports Times of Israel.

“I feel that there are a lot of people behind me and this really strengthens me,” she said, according to Channel 13.

“No one knows what I went through, so how can you pass judgement and ask me questions?”

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu branded the attack as a “crime against humanity”.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Netanyahu said: “This is shocking, there is no other word.

“This is not only a crime against the girl, this is a crime against humanity itself that is worthy of all condemnation and those responsible must be brought to justice.”

The owner of the hotel, Pnina Maman, denies there was any evidence the suspected assault took place at her establishment.

“We are a hotel, not an educational institution. I’m not guilty of what happened,” she told Channel 12 news.

“There were never 30 people in the hallways. We checked all the cameras.

“There was no gathering. This could have happened, unfortunately, in any hotel. We have no way of knowing what happens inside the rooms.”

Since the girl reported the attack on Friday, two 27-year-old men from Hadera have been arrested.

According to Channel 12 news, one of the suspects denied involvement.

Police have said they expect to make further arrests after assigning a special squad to the case.

Officers have taken footage from security cameras in the hotel and are trying to identify suspects in the footage.

One of the girl’s friends said one the suspects claimed he was a “medic and wanted to help” after coming across the victim.

But when it became clear she had been drinking, the suspect “took advantage of her and slept with her when she was out of control”, reports Channel 13.

One of the arrested men claimed the security cameras would show it was consensual sex.

He claimed the men did line up outside the room, while the girl would call for them to come in.

Nine out of 10 rape cases in Israel are closed by prosecutors without charge, according to an annual survey released at the end 2019.

And shocking figures showed in 2018 some 63 per cent of alleged gang rape victims were aged between 12 and 18 in the country.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said: “From yesterday afternoon, I’ve been trying, and failing, to understand: What is a man who is standing on a crowded line with dozens of others, on the way to a room where a young, disoriented girl is lying down, trying to prove?”

“The police investigation is still under way, but it’s important that I convey a message to those who participated or bore witness to this case or others: The only thing you’ve proven is what depravity of your soul and morality you are capable of.

“Before the criminal aspect, there is a moral soul-searching that must be done here.

“And to the complainant, it’s important that I say: My heart is with you, you are not alone.”

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