Recipe: Piccalilli, you’ll relish this treat


Piccalilli, or mustard pickle, is a British interpretation of South Asian pickles, a relish of chopped, pickled, vegetables and spices.

Ingredients serves 10 +

2 days preparation

1 x cauliflower – small florets

2 x onions – diced

30g salt

600ml white wine vinegar

300ml malt vinegar

Pinch of dried chilli

1 x cucumber – deseeded

25g mustard powder

15g turmeric

350g sugar


First, to start the process you will need to mix the cauliflower and onion with the salt. Leave in a bowl, covered at room temperature for 24 hours.

The next day wash the vegetables under cold water and drain well. In a small bowl, mix the mustard powder, turmeric, cornflour and sugar all together with about 200ml of vinegar until a paste has formed.

Bring the rest of the vinegars and chilli to the boil in a pan and mix in the powdered mix.

Cook on a low heat for five minutes before folding in the vegetables.

If you have kilner jars make sure they are clean, and place the mix inside and seal closed.


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